Socialize, gather, exchange ideas and enjoy great food

While social networking continues to run rampant through our society, we’ve unfortunately become more and more isolated from actual human interaction.  That is why social places to gather, form connections with others and exchange ideas is such an important factor, which we need in our lives to thrive, now more than ever before.  Finding face-to-face human interaction at a cafe for instance can be a great outlet to network with others.


Here at Chill Out Cafe and Bakery in downtown Red Deer, we provide uniquely stimulating aromas, tastes, sounds, feel and sights - creating a positive environment for everyone who comes through our doors.  While hiding behind a computer or phone screen may entice our interest in communication, it fails to engage our primal senses.  At Chill Out, we activate all five with ease. 

Sure, we can all survive in our little mundane routines, but are we really living?  Not hardly.  We are merely succumbing to the needs of survival and only that.  We need stimulation and an outlet to vent, gossip and just let it all out.  We need our friends to sit across from us at the coffee shop and to hear their voices, not just read what they type on a screen and reply. Each of us thrives on that unparalleled human connection. 

Cozy in all types of weather

Cozy in all types of weather

If you and your friends or co-workers are looking for just such a place, Chill Out Cafe and Bakery nestled in downtown Red Deer is the community space you've been searching for. We will not only provide you with ample opportunities to stimulate your five senses, but we have an environment that is unmatched. We offer a lovely variety of teas, coffees, homemade pastries and hot meals that you can’t find elsewhere in the Red Deer area.  So, be sure to set out to spend some quality time with your friends at our shop, or come solo and chat up a potential new friend.  You won’t be disappointed in the least.

The benefits of face-to-face interaction offers us something we will never be able to find on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  We can’t possibly hashtag our emotions or tag enough friends in a post enough to re-create the same emotions and thought provoking talk we can find with in-person interactions. 

Where better to find this stimulation than in a friendly and welcoming place like a cafe? Nowhere.  Anyone who is an avid lover of a delightful mug of java, a hot cup of tea and scrumptious assortment of baked goods should look no further than Chill Out Cafe and Bakery.

Come join us at our cafe with your friends or fly solo to make some new ones.