Brewing the best coffee is more to us than just a bean

Chill Out coffee and sweat mango bread

Chill Out coffee and sweat mango bread

What is a Café without exceptional coffee?  Before we even opened our doors we needed to find a coffee that would complement our baking exceptionally well.  So we decided to make a list of all the things that mattered to us, not just in how it tastes but a coffee that lives up to the ideals and values we hold as well.  We realized this would be a very tall order to fill and some people said “but it's just coffee”, however to us it was going to be part of our business and it was important to us to find just the right producer to work with. 

We would have to find a company that was family-oriented, people that cared about their community, were truly passionate about their customers and were willing to give their all in customer service, as these traits we hope to exude in our own business.  After much searching we found a company; a coffee roaster that provided us with just what we were looking for. 


We decided on a company called Kienna Coffee Roaster and they are even local to Alberta, roasting their coffee fresh in Calgary, which made us very happy.  Kienna Coffee Roasters are family owned and operated, passionate for their customers, with exceptional three out of three isn't bad!  We were sold right away! They sell their coffee in two ways, whole bean and by the single serving.  The single serving little plastic cups did not appeal to us as we felt they would have a negative impact on the environment, but as they explained to us, they have developed a system that is 100% biodegradable and we were very happy to see how environmentally conscious they were.   These pods even work with other single serving coffee makers, that ordinarily take plastic cups with a reusable Kienna CUP. 

We are very happy with our decision to go with Kienna Coffee Roasters and have been serving a multitude of their blends since opening our doors.  Daily at Chill Out Cafe you can experience “Mountain Grizzly” a medium – dark roast, a complex rich body with a low acidity level, “Backpackers Brew” a dark roast, offering a sharp taste with a bold side to it, and we brew different ones for you to experience regularly too.  Kienne has many to choose from and we even sell the pods right here in our shop for you to take home to share with your family, with some of our baked goods. You can find their full line of pods on their website  We hope you enjoy the coffee as much as we do and we look forward to meeting you all on your next visit to downtown Red Deer.

To our customers, what do you enjoy to have with our baking? Is coffee you drink of choice? Are you a tea drinker?  Is there something else you'd like to go with our tasty treats or hot meals? And most importantly are you enjoying our coffee? Please leave a comment down below for us. 

David Dinan

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