We now serve wine to complement our foods and desserts

Hungarian Wines

Yes, that’s right we said wines!  There’s is only one thing as good as a coffee with a fresh-baked croissant and that would have to be a decadent dessert paired with an outstanding wine.

We have a few to choose from and we have handpicked our selection to complement our main dishes and desserts.  Most of our wines are from Hungary and have had a place at  the dining table dating back to Roman times.

If you are new to wines, and would like to try something new, may we suggest one of our light pastries with a glass of Tokaji.

Tokaji pronounced “to-kay”, is a Hungarian favorite and named after the region it's from.  It’s a crisp flavorful wine with a bouquet of orchard fruit.  This is a sweet wine and probably less desirable served with a main course.  However it's classic association with dessert is fantastic!  Served best with fruits, cream-based desserts and cheesecake, it is a must to try.  Try not to have it with an extremely sweet dessert, because If you do this wine has the ability to taste sour and will not be as enjoyable.  Try it today with any one of our lighter cakes!