Benefits of loose leaf tea and fresh coffee go beyond taste

Let’s start by saying we serve loose tea and fresh coffee and for us it goes past making a great cup of coffee or tea.  It’s about giving our customers (you) the very best and also being responsible for the environment.  Fresh coffee and loose tea has less packaging therefore less waste and that's just better for everyone and the planet.

Everyone has seen or used coffee pods to brew coffee and tea before.  Did you know that Germany's second largest city Hamburg has now banned the use of these little pods for the tons of waste they contribute to…

Here in North America one of the leading companies Keurig has come forward having a goal by 2020 to go to 100% environmentally friendly packaging.  (a long time in our opinion) specially considering local companies like Kienna in Calgary have already developed a system to go green already.   But for now we would like the solution to be to  stop using these little cups that are filling our land fill and go green.  But be forewarned there is a side effect of not using them… it may just lead to fresher tea and coffee with better taste if you can deal with that.

Here at Chill Out Café and Bakery we want you to have the very best in freshness and taste and our beverages that complement our fresh food and baked goods should not be an exception.  Why not come downtown Red Deer this week and try out delicious meals and have a coffee or tea that complements your food choice from our wide range of choices as well.

David Dinan

His long-time love for photography started at an early age, transforming into more than just a hobby. With a young entrepreneurial spirit starting in High School, David opened a sign design company. He designed signage for companies like Cultures, Don Cherries Sports Bar & Restaurant, Play-It-Again Sports and many others. David decided to continue growing in his passion by attending Niagara College for Marketing, in Niagara Falls Canada. After school, David quickly found himself immersed in world of Real Estate, working with a few dynamic individuals that soon became his mentors for the next decade. Working from a two Realtor basement office, David assisted in the growth of the company to 130 agents. Then tragedy struck one of his mentors, and David took this as a sign to explore more of the world. This opened the door for opportunities. As David started to travel abroad, he found new challenges and opportunities involving another of his passions, scuba diving. This lead to many great adventures, however none as great as becoming part of the team at Bans Diving, the world’s leader in diving certifications, where David took on the role of Sales Manager and facilitated the Divemaster Program. David learned the scuba business from industry world leaders (similar to real estate); and this lead him to work as a Sales Manager for a scuba equipment distribution company in Indonesia in charge of Bali and many of the surrounding islands. There David implemented their largest campaign to date, set up new dealers and launched a new in-store marketing campaign. Now after many years of traveling David and his wife Jessica have returned to Canada and have made Red Deer, Alberta their home. Jessica is following her passion too, and working on achieving her Masters of Library Sciences, as David starts his next professional adventure by helping businesses like yours grow and exceed expectations. David aims to utilize his decades of experience in sales and marketing, to assist you in devising a personalized plan that will hone your business’s marketing potential and take it to new heights. Hot Shoe Studio will be officially open for business as of January 2016. If you have a need for marketing, are looking for a bit of advice or need to overhaul your entire business plan, let’s sit down. Together we will gauge your needs and wants and create a perfect plan to achieve your specific business goals.